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Bridal & Baby Showers

Celebrate your bridal or baby shower at Bianco

High Teas are coming back into fashion and when you combine the beautiful uninterrupted views of Botany Bay with good friends and authentic Italian pastries, your day is guaranteed to be fabulous. Why not celebrate your bridal or baby shower with a lovely High Tea at Bianco restaurant?

There is nothing quite like the look of a crisp white table cloth and fine bone china with delicate sandwiches and delicious Italian pastries to make you realise why High Tea has such a delectable reputation.

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High Tea on the Bay

In our fast paced and stressful world, isn’t it time to step away from your busy life and relax with a pot of tea? Coffee seems to make us rush around so much, whilst tea has always had a relaxed connotation, reminiscent of an era when we took the time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

High Tea is experiencing a wonderful renaissance and at Bianco, you can experience the joys of this wonderful tradition overlooking the crystal clear waters of Botany Bay. Why not spend a luxurious afternoon indulging in Italian pastries and delicate sandwiches and you can even treat yourself to a glass of champagne as well!

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History of High Tea

High Tea became popular in the 1700s in Britain, initially as a light meal for the working men to keep them fed until dinner time. They took their High Tea standing up or seated on tall stools, which is where the phrase ‘High Tea’ originates.

High Tea eventually morphed into a more ladylike affair, being eminently suitable as a light refreshment prior to an evening at the theatre. The Duchess of Bedford is honoured as the creator of High Tea for the gentry, because she apparently felt faint around 4 pm in the afternoon, and dinner was so late in the evening!

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